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Where does it all begin? It starts with a dream!

Many years ago, in fact almost 20 years ago, I Riaan De Witt set of on a journey to become a bathroom renovator.

From the off-set, things did not go as planned, and was I in for a rude awakening all-together. Who would have though renovating bathrooms could be such a daunting task, but let me tell you, through the years I have learned one thing from my clients, perfection is King, and that no matter what, every bathroom must end up a MASTERPIECE!

Hi good day, please follow me below and spend the time really reading this article in full, it will help you to better understand the process of renovating your bathroom.  The do's and don'ts associated with picking the right products, what kind of costs could be involved in renovating your bathroom and much more.

Let's start posting some very important articles to give you our prospective client a bit of an insight as to what you should be aware of, some very important key factors to consider when choosing your products!


Rectified Vs Non-Rectified Tiles! What you should know before you make your Tile purchase, and this is probably the most important discussion or decision you must make, so please read this section carefully!

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