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Ardene van der Riet (Owner Operator Lowveld)

Ardene Van Der Riet spearheads the Lowveld / Laeveld / Nelspruit / Mbombela / Witrivier / White River area and is hands-on when it comes to renovating bathrooms. She has years of experience and specifically did her training in Pretoria, Gauteng, under the watchful eye of Owner Operator, Riaan De Witt.

She has completed numerous projects in the Lowveld area and boasts with a well-organized team of tradesmen and NO job is too BIG or to SMALL for this awesome woman who gives her heart and soul for every project she is involved in!

For a bathroom renovation experience of note, don't delay, call Ardene today to set up an appointment to measure up your bathroom today! Although our service only provides for the labor component, Ardene is always willing to advise her clients on the selection of their products, she is a self-taught interior designer of note when it comes to your home renovation needs!

Elizma Kuyper Uys (Owner Operator Lowveld)

Elizma Uys heads up the Sales and Marketing team for De Witt Enterprises Lowveld and has years of experience in the marketing arena.

Working hand in hand with Ardene, she is a part owner for the company and simply loves being involved in the building and renovation industry.

No challenge is to big for this go-getter and strong woman with her pleasant personality.

Keenan Van Zuydam (Operation Supervisor Nelspruit)

Keenan Van Zuydam is an absolute star technical advisor to Ardene and the team of tradesmen and has a passion for taking out the old and putting in the new.  He has years of renovations experience and alongside Ardene do they form a formidable team, to say the least.

He will be your go-to guy when it comes to all the nuts and bolts of your project and always leads the team in the right direction, every time! You can rest assured Mr. Van Zuydam has a keen eye for perfection and nothing is just good enough for him until it is good enough!

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De Witt Bathooms Logo

“It’s simple, you just take something and do something to it, and then do something else to it. Keep doing this, and pretty soon, you’ve got something.”

Never renovate or think of renovating your bathroom if you know for a fact that your budget is NOT ready for it.  If you're planning on a complete house renovation, don't go from the off-set that I will safe on my bathroom renovation costs, to budget the home renovation project in total, that will be a mistake. Rather postpone the project until you know, ok, now I have enough money to do it right.  The bathroom is the one pivotal room in the house, which can make you feel better about yourself, because let’s face it, getting up in the morning and going to work is never nice, and most of our time getting ready for work is sometimes spend in the bathroom. Create a world you want to be in at that critical time of day, somewhere that makes you go: Wow, is this really my bathroom where I must get myself bathed / showered / shaved?

Everything in life works on us psychologically, colors, space, the lack thereof, etc. etc. Do not make your bathroom one of those spaces, make it a room you LOVE!

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