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Name and Shame Bad Sub-contractors for the Common good of the Industry and for the Industry!

Today is 19/10/2020, the time is exactly 16:05pm and the story that follows is a warning to everyone out there as for the experience we as a company had with TKC Painters of the following listed address, and only known address to our availability 104 Mohlabane Street, Saulsville, Pretoria.

The website is https://tkc-painters.business.site/

De Witt Bathrooms just paid R2,700 to one of TKC Painters employees Josephs, and to the owner of TKC Painters R1,900 balance being owed to these 2 individuals.

First of all, Knowledge the owner for TKC Painters is an absolute "hustler" the worst kind imaginable. He has perfected the art of dragging out a project and in so many ways, indirectly steals from his contractor employing him, or any of his team members. He is a Zimbabwean and initially I Riaan De Witt, the owner for De Witt Bathrooms bend backwards to not only channel a fair amount of work his way, but really tried my level-best to be the best possible contractor to this individual, just to learn his nature and modus operandi, a modus operandi I feel obliged to share with the world at large, to not get scammed by this individual.

This submission is my personal experience with TKC Painters and more specifically Knowledge as he is known, the owner for TKC Painters.

I will now detail the reasons why I want to caution anybody considering making use of this companies service. First of all, TKC Painters comes across as very professional, which in many ways for a young painter, he probably is, sending all the right signals from the off-set. He wins you over with his well spoken English and smooth talking. All starts out fine, but then after a while one starts picking up, there is more to the smooth talking of this individual, and before you know it, a project that should only have taken 2 weeks, becomes 5 weeks. Yes, it sounds impossible, but it is the truth.

He then when confronted on the ever extending of the project because it is how he steals days, come up with so many different excuses as to why the project is dragging on and on and on, and before you as client know it, and before it is to late, you realize you have been conned, conned by a slick hustler, hustling his way and dragging his feet to get the job done.

What specifically transpired today, was one of the darkest days this humble bathroom renovations company has ever experienced in it's existence since 2006. Knowledge and his employee only known as Josephs, when pressured to finish the painting at our client caused so much heart-ache

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