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The bathroom is indeed one of the most significant rooms in your home. It plays a pivotal role for an individual to get relaxed and refreshed. Yet, not all homeowners prefer in keeping it well-maintained and functional. We at De Witt Bathrooms are here to help you every step of the way and fulfill your bathroom remodeling dreams. Bringing out the best design and comfort in your bathroom is the ultimate goal and motive behind our way of thinking as a specialized bathroom renovation company, and rest assured, we have designed some spectacular bathrooms in recent years in the greater Pretoria region, so much so that our work have started to enjoy a unique and proud handle, namely:  "My bathroom is a

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To us, that rings music to our ears..............

Pre-Renovation Planning

Together we will plan your new bathroom layout to suite your specific needs. 

Selecting the right products for your Bathroom Renovation Project

Selecting the right products for your project

If you already know what products you want fitted for your kitchen renovation ,that's just awesome, but do visit our sisters company's online store, if your still looking for that something truly special.

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Bringing quality bathroom renovations for many years now

De Witt Bathrooms is the leading bathroom renovation company in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa. We boast with the best tradesman the Industry has to offer, truly remarkable and exceptional specialists in their field of study and trade.


Our service is not limited to just installing or fixing new fixtures, or just the labour portion of your project, but rather we serve our clients beyond that by lending them support on the entire designing of their bathroom.  Wondering how we make it happen? Our experienced bathroom remodeling consultants in Pretoria will lead you, the homeowner into a clear and precise discussion and ensure everything is planned, before we even think of commencing the actual project. 

Bathroom Designs and Renovation of Small Bathroom

Bathroom Designs and Renovation of Medium Sized Bathroom

Bathroom Designs and Renovation of Large Sized Bathroom

Between 15 - 20m


Between 21 - 26m


27m   Upwards


Project length: +- 1-2 weeks

Project length: +- 1-2 weeks

Project length: +- 2-3 weeks




Prices quoted above, is for LABOUR ONLY! Above prices is on domestic applications, and includes the following: Breaking & removing of old product/s | tiles, etc. Installing new copper tubing and fittings per specifications of new products to be fitted, i.e. bath, basin,  basic electrical and any ceiling work to be done. Tiling of area, fitting of new products, cleaning (please consult our team to explain the cleaning process, because of limitations) and preparation of bathroom for final inspection and signing off. Rubble removal. No VAT applicable | Non VAT Vendor.


We don't charge a deposit upfront, but rather mid-way through the project.  Our rates above are fixed, and non-negotiable, in order to provide you our valued Customer with the best possible and professional contractor experience ever! Prices quoted may vary, depending on the number of new products (client to supply, or we supply) to be fitted, and commercial applications may differ. 

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Never renovate or think of renovating your bathroom if you know for a fact that your budget is NOT ready for it.  If you're planning on a complete house renovation, don't go from the off-set that I will safe on my bathroom renovation costs, to budget the home renovation project in total, that will be a mistake. Rather postpone the project until you know, ok, now I have enough money to do it right.  The bathroom is the one pivotal room in the house, which can make you feel better about yourself, because let’s face it, getting up in the morning and going to work is never nice, and most of our time getting ready for work is sometimes spend in the bathroom. Create a world you want to be in at that critical time of day, somewhere that makes you go: Wow, is this really my bathroom where I must get myself bathed / showered / shaved?

Everything in life works on us psychologically, colors, space, the lack thereof, etc. etc. Do not make your bathroom one of those spaces, make it a room you LOVE!

“It’s simple, you just take something and do something to it, and then do something else to it. Keep doing this, and pretty soon, you’ve got something.”

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