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Burst or Leaking Geyser?

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Burst or Leaking Home Geyser Installation and or Replacement and Signs that indicate you need to replace or change your geyser soon.

We are specialist plumbers and more specifically installing and replacing geysers in record time.

Geyser Installations made simple by De Witt Bathrooms, the preferred bathroom renovation and remodelling company in South Africa
Geyser Installation made simple by De Witt Bathrooms

Geyser Installation Schematic

Complete Geyser Installation Diagram showing exactly how a geyser must be installed as done by De Witt Bathrooms on any of our projects.
Geyser Installation Diagram

The above illustration is the most basic and typical geyser installation illustration of an actual geyser being installed in a ceiling of a home, with the exception of a burst or leak detection system which automatically shuts of the water supply to the geyser in the event of the geyser bursting or starting to leak. The installation is complete with an Isolator switch and drip tray. Let's now look at all the different aspects of this installation and explain the system components in more detail.

We start of with the geyser itself, what makes up the geyser, the inner parts, the composition of the geyser itself. If we look at the illustration below, it shows the various

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Kylan Johan
Kylan Johan
12 mar 2021

Great blog ! I am impressed with suggestions of author.Great blog ! I am impressed with suggestions of author.

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De Witt Bathrooms
De Witt Bathrooms
17 mar 2021
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Thank you kindly Kylan Johan, much appreciated! 😎

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