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1.1     This Terms and Conditions is in no way the entire T&C’s and any addition to or amendments to these terms and conditions could be changed by the company without prior notice, and at any time without informing the parties to it.  It forms the basis of the agreement between the client and company and must therefore be read in conjunction with the quotation as issued to the client.  De Witt Bathrooms don’t charge a deposit upfront, instead as and when we the company call the project at a 50% status completed (which is when the plumbing process is completed, but it may vary from project to project), the client will deposit 50% of the total amount quoted for (by means of special clearance), when so called for without delay.  This will normally take place in the form of an email being sent with a pro-forma invoice attached.


1.2   The balance is then payable per individual project as listed separately (or as a whole, as so chosen and given through to the client by the company), as follows: when we finalize the tiling portion of the project before we commence with the fitment process, as in the case of a complete bathroom make-over, another 40% balance is payable, which leaves a 10% ‘retainer’, payable after fitment and the signing off on the project by the company supervisor.  The latter is a very important aspect to take note of: The project is signed off by the client and his / her responsible Site Supervisor, and no-one else; in other words, the snag list (if any) is discussed with the Site Supervisor in person and the project gets signed off by the Site Supervisor, as and when the Site Supervisor feels the company have reasonable fulfill in its undertaking to renovate the said bathroom / premises to the companies set standards which we deem to be to the best of our human capabilities.

1.3   The client when accepting the quotation and any subsequent annexures to this quotation, do so in writing, and accepts the terms and conditions thereof as stipulated on our website which can be viewed on at any time, but may be subject to change at any point in time, without prior notice, and only on receipt of a signed version of this quotation where the client accepts the aforesaid by signature, will a date be set for when the project can and will commence.

1.4   Sir / Madam, I am sure you have been around the “proverbial block” before, and knows exactly what your letting yourself into, but please allow me to remind you, should this quotation succeed, you must please take note, going into a renovation project of this nature, and I refer to the frustration of any renovation project, it is an uncomfortable experience all-together, it’s an invasion of your privacy, and there’s noise involved, dust, lots and lots of dust, although we try our level best to minimize it always, in short, it’s a hustle and bustle, be prepared, and know we will try our LEVEL best to always conclude the project in the shortest possible time frame, we always do.

1.5   Also, please note, the estimates listed per line on how long the project possibly can take, is estimates only, and not carved in stone, thou we try our level best to stick to that estimates, but there is never no telling how long exactly a project can take, because there is almost always something the eye can’t pick up when doing the initial inspection to quote!

1.6   Furthermore, I am your Sales Representative for your project, and owner for the company, but will not be in charge of your site on a daily basis, and for that purpose, this company appoints a qualified ‘Site Supervisor’ to oversee your project, which means, you will only see me on your site / project, when I deem it necessary in liaison with you the client and the Site Supervisor, in other words, I will rarely be onsite myself, in fact some days may pass and you will even see me, or will I have visited your site, since the project is left solely in the hands of the site supervisor.  It’s is impossible for me as the owner for the company to be present on your site, at all times, so please take note before you accept this quotation of this very important aspect, and also, you are not allowed to give any of the companies representatives, sub-contractors or employees, any instructions, contradictory to that of my or the site supervisor instructions.  In this regard your sole company contact to give instructions to is the appointed site supervisor.


1.7   We have had it in the past where clients think they know the process and so forth, when really they don’t understand the dynamics of the project they are entering into, and their continued infringement hampers the flow of work and hampers the entire project, so in light of the aforesaid, please, if you need to inquire or communicate anything relating to your site / project, should this quotation be successful, your sole contacts are myself obviously, and the appointed SITE SUPERVISOR, but in no way are you allowed to give any instructions to any person representing this company, whom are working on your project, this we humbly request.

1.8   Human error may sometimes creep in (although the latter is almost never the case on any of our projects), we are all human, and in the light of the aforesaid and in the case where the client identifies a problem or aspect of the project which seems to be done wrong, or let’s use an example, the crew have already left the property for the day, and the client picks up on something that is not in place, for instance a small water leak or a product that looks a bit skew or anything, anything relating to the project that does not seem right to the client, the client undertakes to first and foremost inform the appointed Site Supervisor for his / her project immediately, who in turn will inform the owner of the company of the problem.


1.9   The Site Supervisor and the owner of the company will formulate the urgency detail of the problem and institute the necessary actions to either deal with the grievance of the client immediately (in the case of an emergency, for instance a water leak or something relating to that nature) or if so decided not to be urgent, to address the issue/s with the client on how the problem will be dealt with from the companies side, and the client undertakes to in reason allow the company to correct these issues in the shortest possible time frame and not to restrict the company from correcting the human error / mistake made, and does the client wave their right to institute any liability claim against the company for that which might be seen as negligence, but was caused by human error, or sometimes the cause could lie elsewhere, either way, the company will not be held accountable for any losses suffered because of the aforesaid.

1.10   On acceptance of this quotation, and if so needed and determined by me, you will be supplied with an ‘Action Plan’ to be drawn up to highlight ALL the material needed for the project, which material must be onsite before the team arrives for the project to commence!  Lastly, should we be busy with a current project at another clients home / premises / business, we invite you to visit us onsite to experience first-hand our team of tradesman at work.

1.11   We have found in the past this is truly the best reference imaginable, and you are welcome to set-up an appointment to that regard, provided we are busy with a site at that point in time, all we humbly request to the latter is that we have the understanding that should your quotation be successful, we have that same arrangement of incumbent clients visiting your home as we are busy with your project, it is really a ‘paying it forward’ type of reference arrangement system, that works well for all involved.

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