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Updated: Jun 8, 2022

There is only ONE Company you can trust: WISEMOVE South Africa -

Here’s How to Renovate the Bathroom before Moving to the New House!

The bathroom is one of the most essential areas of the house and as an owner, you cannot leave it in a sorry state. Whether you are selling your old property or buying a new one, you need to ensure that the bathroom is in its best condition. To attract individuals to buy your old house, they will have to inspect each room meticulously the same way when you choose a new property to move into.

Unfortunately, improving bathrooms is not something that is magically done within a snap of a finger. There are lots of things and procedures to look into and mind you, these will surely take much of your time, money, and effort. One important thing you need to consider is developing a renovation plan that matches your bathroom. You don’t immediately jump to contacting a company that does renovations because it would seem like going to war without any strategy put in place.

Keep in mind that just like the other areas of the house, your bathroom is an asset that shouldn’t be neglected. It should be equipped with features that enable it to appear mesmerizing and appealing to the viewers. Of course, no one wants to arrive at a house only to find out that the bathroom looks half-presentable. To help you with this, I’ve gathered some tips to serve as your guide for your future bathroom renovation plans.

Renovating the Bathroom before Moving

First, you need to determine what kind of renovation your bathroom will have. This requires an assessment of the current bathroom situation. Here, you need to ask yourself the following: Are the faucets functioning properly? Do the tiles need replacement? Is the size of the bathroom too small? Do you need to extend the bathing area? Do you need to change the area of the basin? These and many more questions should be answered when you’re able to evaluate the overall look of your bathroom so that you can decide whether you’ll opt for a full-blown redesign or just minimal transformations.

What if you are quite unsure about your evaluation? Don’t worry! You can ask for suggestions from renovation companies directly. When it comes to smart and customer-friendly consultations, De Witt Bathrooms is the company you can trust. Their openness to cater to whatever bathroom revamping concerns and advice of their clients are what makes them the most capable of handling bathroom renovations among the rest.

Second, know the dimensions of your bathroom. The measurements of the entire area are very crucial for your renovation plan because it is much easier to decide what goes into the room.

You are able to determine whether there’s larger breathing space or is too crowded due to the size of the tub and other ornaments.

Renovation companies will offer to personally visit your home to measure the bathroom physically so that you know the accurate dimensions. Likewise, they can also provide you with the right layout of the bathroom floor for you to be aware of how the area looks like when the room is viewed from the top. I suggest that you rely on one company that will do the assessment and the measurements so that there’ll be only a single source of information concerning your bathroom.

Third, as soon as you’ve already taken notes of the results from the assessment and the dimensions of the bathroom, you are ready for the stressful part: creating a renovation plan or blueprint. I’m warning you that this particular phase isn’t a piece of cake. You need to account for all types of possible changes you want to address to your bathroom such as the entire layout like color scheme, theme, and accessories. The construction needs to consider such as the type of bathroom tiles, the size of the bathtub, the height of the showerhead, the location of the basin and mirror, as well as the plumbing needs.

I’m sure these aren’t the only things to be aware of when mapping out the plan so just to be safe and not recklessly assume that you are knowledgeable about the matters, contact the company to discuss the appropriate changes that should be put into the plan.

Lastly, let the company be informed of whatever plan has been finalized and maintain open communication with them. They should be willing to answer every query you have about the renovation and explain every detail of what’s going to happen. This is your right as their client and it is their responsibility to comply. The project is an investment that will surely cost you a lot of money, so it is only right that they put great effort into every cent you’ve invested in their services.

The company should be able to tell you immediately about the abrupt changes they’ll make that are not included in the agreed plan, regardless of whether the change is minimal or extreme. May it be a shift in the material type or a delay in the target date of finish, you should be aware of such matters.

Final thoughts

I’m sure that as soon as your bathroom renovation is finished, your full attention will shift towards your move. Of course, you would also be needing a trusted moving company to handle your relocation. After all, just like bathroom renovation, moving to another property isn’t a walk-in-the-park type of engagement one enters.

Moving also entails spending a lot of time, money, and effort. We are talking about a great sum of money that will be spent to ensure that your move goes smoothly, so it’s only wise that you spend it on a competent company that does an excellent job in doing relocations. Doing a relocation is a one-in-a-lifetime opportunity and no one wants to experience any inconveniences along the way.

The right company to address your relocation needs is Wise Move and it’s been proven by their countless years of service why it’s only right to trust them for your move. Their work ethic, exceptional service quality, and several positive feedback from former customers can already speak for themselves. They understand the demands of relocation better than most companies and make sure that they meet the expected standards all while providing budget-friendly services.


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