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Need to renovate your bathroom, contact us today!

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

So many times I’ve been asked, where do I start, how do I plan my bathroom make-over, what theme do I select, etc.

Simply put, these are never straight forward questions, but the answers can be pretty much straight forward. First let’s look at your budget, since the latter will determine, what you really can or cannot afford.

Official Logo of the De Witt Bathrooms Company who specialices in bathroom renovations and bathroom remodelling.
De Witt Bathrooms

Their is 2 aspects involved in your planning for your dream bathroom make-over / renovation, and we will discuss each one separately, namely (a) the labour component involved and (b) the actual bathroom accessories / products needed to be fitted.

Now although labour is a simple and straight forward calculation, it may vary quite significantly from contractor to contractor, and it is always advised that the prospective client must do their homework before just appointing any renovating firm. Various attributes plays a pivotal role, and should be considered before deciding on the company to be employed, and in general, a very good feel can be ascertained from the prospective companies website and online mannerisms, and by this I refer to online ‘social’ interaction, as a Facebook page, Google Business account, Twitter, etc. showing just how active the contractor has been in the weeks or months leading up to your enquiry with them, for example, sharing pictures of before and after projects, etc. which could include interaction of current or past clients, good reviews, negative reviews and so forth.

Secondly we come to the all-important acquisition of the products to be installed during your bathroom renovation project, and this can be quite a daunting task, especially if you’re not sure what theme you want, for example, are you in for a new-age modern look, an antique rustic touch look, or just a conventional look, either way, these are all the dynamics a good renovating firm should be able to supply you with during the consultation phase, which should on request, be either included in the quotation or be submitted as a standalone option as part of the quotation process. My advice always to my clients, when it comes to the products you intend buying, always try your level best, to ensure you buy the best possible make and model, especially when it comes to mixers / taps, etc.

Come what may, always ensure to obtain at least 3 qualified quotations from independent contractors before making this all important life changing decision, after-all your home is your Castle, and getting it right, the first time, require some vigilance on your part of planning.

We at De Witt Bathrooms in Elarduspark, Pretoria, pride ourselves in good old fashioned quality Tradesmanship / work, and rely heavily on word of mouth referrals, since we enjoy a near 100% satisfaction rating, and have our clients become family.

Visit our website today, and complete this easy and user friendly quotation request form, and submit to us your needs, and we will contact you. Looking forward to be of service, we are per say, the Bathroom Renovations Specialists in the greater Pretoria and Midrand areas. Quotation Request Form – De Witt Bathrooms

About Us

De Witt Bathrooms is a small, yet very efficient renovation concern. We have a vast amount of accumulated experience amongst the team members making up our family orientated micro enterprise.

We pride ourselves in being small, yet ready to take on any renovation challenge. We further pride ourselves in old fashioned quality workmanship, which is evident in the word of mouth referrals we receive.

At the core of our services we specialize in bathroom renovations from a small toilet to a large bathroom. With a variety of themes to choose from, and the options are unlimited. Working closely with our clients, we always deliver an excellent, timely product within your budget and exceed all our clients’ expectations.

We also deliver a variety of other essential renovation services such as standalone tiling projects, painting, small building projects, additions to your home, i.e. adding a new room or extending your existing room, bathroom, kitchen, patio, and much more.

Regrettably though we do not supply kitchen cupboards or the installation thereof. We can however provide your kitchen’s plumbing, electrical and tiling needs!

For a free no obligation quotation visit our ‘Quotation Request’ page, complete and submit the form and we will contact you!

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