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Take the time to properly plan my bathroom renovation project!

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Planning your bathroom renovation project all boils down to one key factor; time management.

Yes, I know we are living in an increasingly hectic World with so many demands on us on a daily basis, that to make time for something as critically important as planning your bathroom renovation properly seems to be out of reach.

Well, I am here to give you good news, appointing the right bathroom renovation and remodeling contractor takes a lot of stress of your back and puts you in a commanding position, because by merely appointing a dependent, reliable, consistent and trustworthy bathroom renovation company such as De Witt Bathrooms, eliminates all the guesswork and are you the valued client left with more options than headaches.

From measuring up your bathroom, through to discussing the bathroom products in detail, right through to the labour quotation detailing every aspect of the project point for point, we have got you covered.

So while you do have some time now because you are already reading my blog on this subject matter, let's discuss some options and the procedure in order to calm your nerves.

First and foremost, you the client will make contact with De Witt Bathrooms by either visiting our website and on our homepage complete the online registration form section that reads: "Request Your Quote Today" or you can visit our "Contact Page" for easier and quicker registration, namely:

Once we have received your information submitted, either myself or one of the company employees will contact you to setup an appointment. During this appointment the person adjudicated to meet with you will come to first make initial contact with yourself and then after introductions, we will proceed to view your old bathroom you wished to be renovated.

During this phase you the client must have already formed a fairly good idea of what you want for your bathroom renovation project.

Some bathrooms whether it be a small bathroom, or just an odd layout in terms of the building style as designed initially by the architect, some application does indeed pose some challenges and no one bathroom design or application is the same, in no way is any one bathroom the same as any other.

Every house has it's own unique identity, and believe it or not, after almost 20 years in the Industry of renovating bathrooms, I have never come-across one single design ever duplicated in another house. Each bathroom can almost be compared to a human fingerprint, one of a kind, unique.

Homeowners planning to renovate their bathrooms or bathrooms should take a lot of external factors into account when they plan their pending bathroom renovation project, of which the key outcome must be, to renovate their bathroom with a design that would stand the test of time in staying not only modern but applicable and at the same time, the design must not necessarily follow the décor or interior design of the rest of the house, but more or less aim at creating a design that flows. Yes, the bathroom when renovated do not have to conform to the design of the rest of the home, but some consideration must be given to avoid a complete clash of style, for instance, if the house has a general country farm style finish, designing a super 'modern bathroom' is advisable, and visa versa.

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