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Renovating a bathroom entails far more than what meets the eye!

I’ve been asked so many times, by so many home owners, Riaan, what do you regard as a modern bathroom design? Sir, Madam, there is no straight and easy answer to this question, because peoples taste vary radically, however, I can say, to me personally as a bathroom renovation specialist, and who has been in the industry for quite some time, I have seen it all, I have literally seen so many old designs, new designs, you name it, and I have seen it. To me, quite frankly, a modern bathroom design is all about the bathroom tiles, yes you heard me right, and a modern bathroom design boils down to really what catches the eye first, and to me, that is the bathroom tiles you have selected for your bathroom renovation project.

Especially when it comes to smaller bathrooms, this is when small bathroom decor ideas and bathroom tile ideas must really come together, and quality time being spend on choosing exactly the right bathroom tiles, is paramount to give that modern feel to your bathroom, even thou it is a small bathroom. I always advise any and all of my clients, when choosing their bathroom tiles, to not just focus on the tiles price, but rather to spend maximum of their budget to go as big as possible, on a decent quality tile, A-Grade preferably and ideally nothing smaller than a 600 x 600mm, whether it be porcelain or ceramic, go for size, because bigger tiles, with small spacers (2mm) just creates that space, especially on a small bathroom. Tile contractors most of the times just go’s with what the client buys, and this is wrong, your tile / bathroom renovation contractor should advise you on the best possible bathroom renovation ideas and even go so far as to accompanying you to tile companies to make an informed expert decision on exactly what tiles to procure.

Any bathroom decor ideas, should always take the size of the bathroom tiles into consideration. Modern bathrooms is the buzz word today, but call me old fashion, I still love the antique type finish to a bathroom, playing with a chandelier maybe, or that high-level toilet cistern with the ball and chain.

Beautiful bathrooms originates from bathroom designs done properly, and not in a hurry. Renovating your bathroom should take time, time to procure the right products, time to sit down with your renovating company and discuss in-depth that which you as a client expect and wish from the project, always keeping an open mind as to what is realistic and practical at the same time.

A simple example moving of the bathroom tiles subject, is making the right choices on the bathroom basins for instance, and your bathroom decorating ideas should focus heavily on this key aspect of the bathroom. Why, well besides the fact that every single product going into your new bathroom must be practical, it must look fabulous, in fact the synergy of all the products together, must ooze with style fused with luxury, and the basins will assist greatly in achieving just that.

Bathroom decorations does not always stop at the products being fitted. Other things of importance to consider is “curtains VS blinds’, the lighting, whether you choose ‘down-lights’ or a fancy chandelier, bathroom art in the form of a colorful and applicable portrait, or a phony bright colored cactus plant on a glass shelf, bright colorful towels, all these small things add value to the overall feel and touch of the bathroom.

Moving on, another aspect of the bathroom renovation project that must receive considerable consideration is the type of bath or shower to install. Bathtub prices can vary from the more cheaper ‘Plexicor type’ build in baths to quite expensive bathtubs such as the Victoria + Albert range of free standing bathtubs, or the more earthy Dado range of free standing baths. Depending on your budget and bathroom layout, small bathroom design ideas should ideally not include both a bathtub and a shower, but rather to create that little more space, preferably only have one of the 2, either a bathtub or a decent shower, framed or frame-less.

Bathroom shower ideas must also be a focus point during the drafting of the bathroom plans. Latest bathroom designs and trends is moving away from the more traditional framed shower build onto a ‘lip’ (brick height) type of installation, to the ever increasing and popular ‘no-lip-walk-straight-into-the-shower-unimpeded-type-of-design’, with an impressive shower drain as opposed to the conventional round shower grid. The combination of a flat floor surface, coupled with an impressive stainless steel shower grid, ensures an even more upmarket feel to your shower, which compliments the entire bathroom and its design. In this regard, shower screens have also become very much popular in a small / tiny bathroom, and bathroom designs for small bathrooms should ideally be formulated with space constraints in mind, to maximize the space in the tiny bathroom. For this purpose, sliding bathroom doors is also on the rise, and more and more clients opts for the removal of their bathrooms conventional door, to save space, because let’s face it, a swing door takes up unnecessary space, as nothing should impede on the bathroom space and design, if it can be avoided by hanging a sliding door, if space allows for a sliding door.

Follow my future blog posts on tiny bathroom ideas, small bathroom decorating ideas, contemporary bathrooms, luxury bathroom designs, and much, much more.

Until next time, stay strong, and above all "would be bathroom renovators", the key to a stunning bathroom, all lies in the planning and design phase, take your time, and don’t rush things, and above all, ensure to appoint a competent and reliable bathroom renovation contractor, because the latter can either make or break your dream.

Warm Regards,

Riaan de Witt

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