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A Second Chance to Rebuild Your Bathroom

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Constructing a house is always a daunting task. It is common to skip some important aspects that you desired to have in some specific part of your house during the strenuous construction. Once the house is constructed, you cannot make any further changes. Is it really true? It might be if we are living in the 80s, but not today.

Building plans to discuss a pending bathroom renovation project to discuss measurements and calculate a proper budget for the project.
Let's do some planning!

Renovation services are giving people a second chance to make the necessary changes that they have mistakenly skipped during the first construction. One common part of the house which is found to be neglected most during a construction is the bathroom. So, the demand for bathroom renovation services is always high as compared to the other ones.

A bathroom renovation does not only enhance the aspects of that particular area but gives a great impact on the overall features of the house. So, people are going for the bathroom renovation even if they are satisfied with their existing one.

Nothing beats a decent sized Shower Head for that well deserved hot water pampering after a hard days work.

We at De Witt Bathrooms promote only the best possible applications for any and all of the products that is needed in a bathroom renovation project.

Let's take for instance a simple yet very important shower mixer, or basin mixer, believe us, it is worth every homeowners while to purchase if they an afford it, the top brands for mixers, and our all-time favourate will have to be the Hansgrohe tap range, it is simply put the Maserati or Aston Martin of taps.

Moving on to the toilet, and thinking in terms of top range, do not forget the very popular and stylish look and feel of the Geberit Toilet Cistern System, equally as with the Grohe, in a class of it's own, a Rolls Royce of toilets, and with it's huge range of toilet pans and flushing mechanism or actuators as some would call it, this makes for a stylish finish of your Bathroom Renovation Project. At De Witt Bathrooms, we only supply the best!

Some of the amazing benefits that are making people call for a renovation service for their bathroom are given below. Read them carefully if you want to know how a bathroom renovation can make a difference to your house.

Benefits of bathroom renovation you do not want to miss:

· Having a tight budget is common during a huge project like the construction of a house. So, people often install low quality and faulty fixtures in their bathroom to cut down their budget. But, as said above, renovating is the way that will give you a second chance to correct certain features if you have done the same. You can change the age-old fixtures of the bathroom with the new high-tech and modernized versions. So, the problems like leaky pipes and sinks can be easily resolved.

· Increasing the resale value with aesthetics by applying proper bathroom renovation ideas, always remains the prime goal of the bathroom renovation service takers. When you enhance the fixtures and other aspects of your old bathroom through renovation, it makes the bathroom highly efficient and enhances its aesthetic value also. So, the investors who will come to buy your house one-day, are guaranteed to be impressed by such innovative features. It will give you an opportunity to negotiate your desired amount with the buyers.

· Renovation has the power to make the bathroom more luxurious and satisfactory, and bathroom designers in Pretoria, is hard to find, many will claim to the best bathroom renovation company, but are they? A good bathroom renovation company is known by its reputation in providing solid and traceable references, and one such Pretoria based bathroom renovation company, specializes in bathroom renovations! You can install more features like built-in cabinets and drawers. These features will increase the storage capacity of your bathroom. So, you can store more objects in your bathroom without breaking the walls or reconstructing it. This will help you to save some money on the overall project also.

Specifically on the design, and one Myth I must ‘bust’, there is no such thing that your bathroom have to flow with the rest of the house theme, in fact, I always maintain, a bathroom is the most unique standalone feature of your home, so go and make it unique, if the tiles in your bathroom does not match the passage, so be it, in fact, that’s exactly what you want! Think of space, and the best utilization thereof, don’t try and cramp too much products / furniture in your bathroom, less is more, and a minimalistic approach far exceed an overcrowded bathroom. For a stylish, sleek look, consider going modern, such as fitting a proper frameless shower, ensure the shower have no ‘lip’, make it a smooth flat with the floor kind of shower walk-in, nothing to hinder your when you have to get in our out your shower. Play a bit with better lighting, a small chandelier for instance, go for that abstract bathroom mirror, or if you don’t want to go for the modern bathroom look, consider the Antique approach, with brass basins and taps, etc. One look which I really love is that of a free standing bath with a ‘over-the-rim-Victorian-style-mixer’, absolutely love-it, but not all bathrooms have the space for such luxury, so one must be practical to, thinking of what will give me the most space in my bathroom, form vs function?

There is so many different applications today, to many to mention, but working with us at De Witt Bathrooms, will ultimately ensure we put together the best scenario your bathroom can allow.

A reputed company that can help you with your bathroom renovation project:

When it comes to such important and precise work / project, do-it-yourself is definitely not a good option to go for. So, your most intelligent choice will be to hire a professional with good experience in bathroom renovation service. One such specialized bathroom renovation company you can trust is De Witt Bathrooms, and as the leading bathroom design company in Pretoria, we at De Witt Bathrooms are here to help. Being a subsidiary of De Witt Enterprises (Pty) Ltd, the famous Renovators, our workmanship are really sought after, and do we offer bathroom remodeling services and bathroom renovation ideas to our discerning clients. You can contact our professional team either on our website contact form, or phone us on 012 004 0040. - This Company operates from Elarduspark, Pretoria and specialize in bathroom renovations. Browse our website for further details.

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